Audio Lecture Descriptions

Volume 1: Author's Insights on The Untethered Soul
Michael Singer discusses how the experience of reading The Untethered Soul mirrors the spiritual path itself. He then describes how the book takes you through each stage of the spiritual path—from the excitement of awakening, to the challenge of deep inner growth, and, finally, to the experience of inner freedom. Visit our Online Store

Volume 2: Freedom From the Mind Lecture Series
Michael Singer discusses the nature of the mind and offers clear instruction on how to free our consciousness from the constant mental chatter that keeps us from fully experiencing life and the beautiful flow of energy within. Visit our Online Store

Volume 3: The Clarity of Witness Consciousness
There is a place deep within your being where you are free from the turmoil of thoughts, emotions, and the outer world. In this two-part audio lecture series, author Michael Singer paves a clear path to natural transcendence. He lays out the basic nature of the World, the Mind, the Heart, and You—the consciousness that experiences these things. Once you see the true nature of the outer world and your inner energies, all becomes clear and your natural state of witness consciousness is revealed. It is from this seat of awareness that your spiritual journey effortlessly unfolds. Visit our Online Store

Volume 4: Turning Preference Into Peace
What if right now you were actually on the verge of total freedom? The truth is, you are. Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul, shows that there are really just a handful of things in the entire Universe that keep you bound. These things are tied to your needs and preferences. With clarity and compassion, Singer invites you to take a journey to the root of personal preference in order to find the true well-being and freedom of your natural state. Visit our Online Store

Volume 5: The Journey Within
Are you ready to take the journey within? Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul, encourages you to acknowledge that the love, peace, and contentment you are seeking in this world are actually inner experiences. He invites you to move beyond dependence on the outer world so that you can experience the ever-present love within you. Every interaction and relationship in your life can serve to enhance your inner journey. With straight-forward clarity, Singer demonstrates how the spiritual path is all about choosing Spirit first, and then letting all of life assist you in your journey to freedom. Visit our Online Store

Volume 6: Letting Go Into Freedom and Fulfillment
When was the last time you felt completely content and free from the burden of stress and tension? Perhaps it’s time to take the flight to inner fulfillment. In this two-lecture series, author Michael Singer describes the struggle for well-being that consumes our lives and how our own thoughts and emotions keep us from the very peace and fulfillment we desire. He then presents a clear method for ending this struggle and for living a life of unconditional inner freedom. Visit our Online Store

Volume 7: Honoring and Respecting Reality
The highest spiritual path is life itself, and life becomes naturally fulfilling as you learn to honor and respect it. In this two part audio lecture series, author Michael Singer explores the path of embracing reality for your spiritual growth. With compassion and candor, he describes how releasing personal preferences, and learning to honor and fully participate in life, can free us from the persistent needs and fears that hold us back from true inner freedom. Visit our Online Store

Volume 8: Taking Charge of Your Inner Growth
Are you ready to take charge of your inner growth? Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment, empowers you to take an honest look inside yourself, understand the energies that drive your actions, and take on the inner work that leads to true transformation. With straight-forward clarity, Singer shows how to use your own inner strength, commitment, and intent as powerful allies on your journey to freedom. Visit our Online Store

Volume 9: Your Direct Path to Inner Freedom
The spiritual path is a continual process of learning to raise your inner state until you can ultimately free yourself completely. In this two-lecture series, Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment, describes how to work directly with thoughts and emotions that are holding you back from inner freedom. He then presents a clear way to bypass the entire stage of struggling with yourself and, instead, simply release the habitual energies of the personal self. Visit our Online Store

Volume 10: The Power of Inner Clarity
Our modern world is highly complex, yet it's still possible to live life from a place of inner peace and clarity. In this audio lecture series, author Michael Singer demonstrates that true acceptance requires seeing past the noisy mind and its habitual reactions. When you connect with who you are - the indwelling consciousness - nothing can obscure perfect clarity. Once you are established in that seat of awareness, you’ll see that every moment is asking something of you. You will naturally interact with life from a place of lucidity, right action, and service. Visit our Online Store

Volume 11: The Unlimited Energy of the Self
How would you like to have unlimited energy and feel uplifted all the time? In this two-lecture set, author Michael A. Singer explains that consciousness and energy are actually the same thing. You are unlimited “aware power” but you choose to send your energy down into the limited world of your own personal likes and dislikes. Through clear examples and powerful techniques, Michael reveals a very simple truth: when you stop focusing on what pulls you down, you experience your natural state—a beautiful upward flow of energy that is unconditional. Visit our Online Store

Volume 12: Returning to the Source
Michael A. Singer invites you to experience the unconditional love and fulfillment that exist within you. In this two-lecture series, Michael draws from science and the teachings of yoga to explore the source of consciousness and creation. He then discusses the spiritual journey back to this source. Michael clearly describes the human predicament and how to release our made-up self so we can begin to experience our true nature—eternal conscious bliss. Visit our Online Store