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The Untethered Soul® - Audio Lectures by Michael A. Singer
With clarity and compassion, Michael Singer invites you to take the direct path to true inner growth and fulfillment. In these recorded talks Singer explores the spiritual path from the excitement of awakening, to the challenge of deep inner growth, and finally to the experience of inner freedom. Visit our Online Store

Latest Release - May 2017:
Volume 10 - The Power of Inner Clarity

Our modern world is highly complex, yet it's still possible to live life from a place of inner peace and clarity. In this audio lecture series, author Michael Singer demonstrates that true acceptance requires seeing past the noisy mind and its habitual reactions. When you connect with who you are - the indwelling consciousness - nothing can obscure perfect clarity. Once you are established in that seat of awareness, you’ll see that every moment is asking something of you. You will naturally interact with life from a place of lucidity, right action, and service. More summaries


sutsSongs of The Untethered Soul
Music to still the mind and open the heart.
Love songs to the universe written by Michael Singer and performed by Kathy Zavada.
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Additional Books by Michael A. Singer
In addition to The Surrender Experiment and The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer has previously authored two books on the integration of Eastern and Western philosophy: The Search for Truth and Three Essays on Universal Law: Karma, Will and Love.