The Surrender Experiment – Endorsements


“With his hallmark precision and clarity Michael Singer reveals in his latest masterpiece, The Surrender Experiment, how everyday life, doing business in the world and spiritual practice can be synchronized to carry us into the heart of life's unimaginable perfection. This is exactly the kind of practical mastery needed for a world in chaos.”
-Jack Canfield

Coauthor of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

“A lone voice in the modern wilderness calling for surrender instead of striving, Singer shows how surrendering to life does not mean giving up our dreams.”
-Shawn Achor

Happiness researcher and NYTimes bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage

“Michael Singer writes a beautiful, touching memoir on the amazing power of surrender in his life. With courage, spunk, and thoughtfulness, he has reached beyond the status quo to dare to trust life and surrender to its ultimate perfection.”
-Judith Orloff MD

Author, The Ecstasy of Surrender

“Only the rarest of books has the power to clearly explain the difference between a human being and a human doing, and why that distinction is so important. The Surrender Experiment is such a book. Inspiring, authentic, and intensely compelling.”
-Dean Radin

Author of The Conscious Universe

“Let Life call the shots, professionally and personally. Meditate and listen to Life. Get out of the way and let Life direct your thoughts, words, and actions. This is what you have been hearing for a long time. Now do it, no matter what. Michael Singer proves it in this must-read epiphany about Life.”
- Tom Zender

President Emeritus of Unity, Corporate Executive, Professional CEO Mentor

“Michael Singer’s The Surrender Experiment is a surprising, yet inspiring message to all of us who struggle to harness our existence, realize our potential and put our mark on life- slow down, open your mind and heart, embrace the opportunities and challenges that come your way, and you will accomplish remarkable things!”
- John Goodwin

Senior Financial Advisor

The Surrender Experiment is a rare account of experiencing the spiritual journey in worldly life, not by withdrawing from life but by being fully and consciously alive in life. This book is like a bible for every seeker who wants to be on a spiritual journey in an active life.”
- Yogi Amrit Desai

Internationally recognized pioneer of modern yoga